Seorae Bandung

Seorae opened in Bandung a mere three weeks ago and yet their service deserves two thumbs up! I was expecting slow service but all the waiter/waitresses were quick on their feet and has vast knowledge about all the menus. They had great attitude as well considering the hectic dinner hour. We went there on a Sunday and hence we had 10 people waiting list but we determined to try out this place. We waited for about 45 mins. Food came out rather fast tho and since service was excellent, we had a pleasant visit here! (Visited again on a Thursday night around 6 PM. No waiting list. 7 PM people started to come and WL was needed)

Nothing special about the interior. 
Wooden tables and chairs with red accents here and there. 
Altho I do like the concrete street floor.

 Banchan (appetizers) were okay. I like the appetizers at Han Kook better.

We ordered Galbisal (Rp 158,8 k). It tastes smokey and I love it very much! The meat was tender enough with medium well cooking. The next week, I ordered their signature skirt-meat Anchangsal (Rp 154,8k). This one was cooked well done but still tender enough for me. It has more meat-y taste and not enough smoke. I prefer Galbisal.

 Instead of the usual rice, we ordered Dolsto Bibimbab (Rp 69,8k). 
It was a generous portion for two. I love love this one. 
The seasoning was just right.

This one is Spicy Chicken Wings (Rp 38k). Not recommended at all. 
There is no flavor whatsoever on the meat. Only spicy sweet skin. 
I prefer Chung Gi Wa honey chicken any day.

For dessert, we ordered Seorae Pat Bing Soo (Rp 35k). This one is a so-so for me. 
Too much shaved ice in my opinion, but the ice cream is good. Fruits was okay.

Included below is Seorae's menu. They have pork meats as well (obviously)

Seorae Bandung is a franchise from South Korea. The first one was at Alam Sutra, I believe. Then PIK came follow

Seorae Korean Grill
Jalan Setiabudi no 49-51, Bandung. 40161
(used to be Brussel Spring)


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