Mottomoo Hamburg PIK

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Mottomoo Hamburg located in Pantai Indah Kapuk area is a Japanese restaurant that put emphasizes on obviously, hamburgs. I do love hamburgs but not sure how it will taste with Japanese spin. As it turns out, I quite love it! Granted,, if I was feeling a bit nauseous, I would probably will not go with this one tho. However, all of our food came out rather fast and they all tastes pretty good :)

Interior design wise, there's nothing very impressive. It was clean with woods and lots of black. I do love the chalkboard wall but it doesn't go very well with the rows of Japenese-esque cartoons on the other side (can you spot Doraemon?). Seating is tiny and not very friendly for bigger person. It does very Japanese, where everything is very packed and not much of space left. Service was okay, nothing special.

Here comes my favorite part. The food! I ordered Hamburg Gratin (99k). Basically it's just hamburg with spaghetti under the meat. I absolutely love cheese and this one fits the bill. It comes with rice and miso soup (so fulling! Hence, definitely worth the money). I finished every single bite.

Hamburg Gratin (99k)

This one is Shoyu Cream Spaghetti with Truffle Oil (80k). My second favorite food is probably truffle oil so I was super excited that someone else ordered this menu! I can't really taste the truffle oil but it was a good dish and a recommended one indeed. Portion is normal.

My friend ordered Omurice Demi Glace (68k) and altho it doesn't look very appealing, she approves. I'm not sure if I tasted it or not... But it was a generous portion.

Included here are the Mottomoo Hamburg menus. They have very simple menus and I think it will be their best asset. I found restaurants with concentrated menus(coffee shops, Chiba/Holycow, etc) excels more than the one who try to do more but just fall all over the place.

Do keep in mind that place is small so be sure to book before or simply .. don't come with a bunch of people! ;)
Happy long weekend for Indonesians!

House of Hamburg Mottomoo
Rukan Garden House Blok B no. 21 (next to Cake A Boo, read my post about it HERE)
Jakarta Utara 14460
Phone +62 21 9505 1043
Instagram : @mottomoohamburg


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