How to Wear : Ripped Jeans

black top -  Massimo Dutti// necklace - Diva
ripped jeans - Factor// heels - Zara
MAC bag - Rebecca Minkoff// watch - Michael Kors

Jeans can be daunting for chunky girls like me! I very rarely wear jeans for my blog photos but decided to man up and post these set of pics. To be confident when wearing skinny ripped jeans, you just need a long top that hits just above the start of your thight. It camouflage your big hip. Make sure you wear high heels since it helps create a taller and hence slimmer illusion. I like open toe sandals with ankle straps because it shows some skin to balance all that you cover on the above. Add an edgy bag like my beloved Rebecca Minkoff MAC and you're good to go!

If you noticed, I rarely smile with my teeth on my outfit photos, that's because I have yellow teeth thanks to my addiction to coffee. I have been thinking to bleach my teeth to the dentist but it costs a lot of money! Boo hoo.. If you have similar problem like me, insecure with your not-so-white teeth, you can try Smile Brilliant teeth whitening trays and gel . Be sure to check out their customer reviews .

Watch their 2 minutes commercial below for brighter, whiter smile :D

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