Pungopang Korean Dessert PIK

Pungopang Taro (38k)
Coconut Island Dark Choco (45k)

After Mottomoo we decided to visit another recently opened dessert place called Pungopang. Appearantly, it's an authentic Korean dessert. Place was actually quite spacious and I do love the beach-y cheerful interior with plenty of orange and yellow colors. The boat shaped seats are also adorable. Perfect for hangout with friends and family :)

The place was PACKED and we have to wait for our yummy dessert to came out for SO LONG. Luckily, we were all in a good mood and the owner (I assumed he is the owner) apologized because it took forever for our food to come out. Oh, lots of flavor were also sold out. Hence, I hate to say it, but service was very poor. Not awful but definitely dissapointing.

My Pungopang (fish shaped cake + ice cream) is really good, I'm no even kidding. I love the crispy cake and the taro has perfect level of sweetness. My friend's Coconut Island Dark Choco is also good. Overall, I would recommend to visit for sure but make sure you're ready for long lines and long waiting time for food to come out. Maybe it will get better once the buzz recedes..

Ruko Crown Gold Boulevard Block B no. 57 
(same rows with Shirokuma, read my post about it HERE)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
Instagram : @pungopang


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