Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park Review

Hello, weekend! These set of pictures are from quite a few weekends ago which I only find time to sort out and edited today. So happy that I finally able to share my adventure to Dusun Bambu! It's a vast area of green and fresh air. Which is a much needed getaway space from our hectic daily live in the city of Bandung. To get here is quite an adventure itself but the place is worth the drive!

As soon as we arrived, we headed straight to Burangrang Cafe as it was lunch time already. Luckily, we didn't have to wait cause we agreed to sit indoor. Outdoor, there are canopy seats but there's a long waiting list and you can only sit there for two hours. Those canopy seats overlooking to the lake you see in the first picture. Ah yes, you can also eat at those little houses across the lake. 

I ordered Nasi Goreng Dusun Bambu (45,5K) and it tastes okay. Nothing special but it was actually pretty good. My friend ordered a Dusun Bambu specialty called Nasi Bakar Kelapa Muda (49K) and it also tastes okay but I couldn't taste coconut in the rice (which was expected considering the name). Although the presentation is incredibly appealing to the taste buds.

Across Burangrang Cafe, there is a Pasar Khatulistiwa which as you can see, it's a small market with street food stands around the market. The food stands are otak-otak (some sort of traditional fishcake), bakpao, baso tahu (a combination of tofu and fish), noodles, and some other more. To order the food from the street food stands, you need to buy vouchers but to buy stuff from the market, appearantly you don't need them. You can redeem those vouchers fully on the same day.

We went sightseeing around the area. The little bird nest look alike you see called Lutung Kasarung and inside there is a long table with seats which I guess are placed for people who ordered from street-food-stand to eat there. Anyway, I was glad to see so many green that day! Also, the purple and white little flowers are a nice surprise. There's a camping area which I did take some pics but it has so many of us (I went there with my eight other friends) that you can hardly see the camping area. I have never been camping before and I wasn't interested but appearantly my friends do so we hike along the road to see the tents. Which surprisingly, are rather cozy. But still, me and nature are not the best of friends. Sometimes, there are also bouncing castle, flying fox, flying a kite, and biking! All sounds super exciting and healthy.

All in all, I think Dusun Bambu achieves its original purpose brilliantly. It aims to be a place where a family can come and have fun in an educative (there are little signs everywhere explaining about all kind of bamboos, there is also an educative camp for little kids) and healthy way. I highly recommend you all to take your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, nephews, nieces, cousins, just practically everybody. 

Jl. Kolonel Masturi KM 11
Cisarua, Jawa Barat
Phone : 022 - 82782020
Open only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
There is also an entry fee. 10k rupiah per person if I'm not mistaken.

Happy weekend, folks!


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