Two Cents Coffee Shop Bandung Review

Two Cents Coffee Shop is a recently opened coffee shop (obviously) slash cafe around Progo area. I went there around January and I wasn't exactly impressed. My cafe latte tastes thin and I only finished it because I was sleepy. I went there on a weekday during lunchtime and the place was empty, which was preferred because we could take as many pics as we want without being intruding.

The place is fairly easy to find. All you have to do once you're in Progo street, you go straight till the end of the road and then turn right. Two Cents will be on your left.

As the photos provided, the decor is industrial themed and by now I have enough seen industrial cafes. They provide outdoors space for smokers which I think is quite neat. Nonetheless, we dined there and my salad (35k if I wasn't mistaken) was actually pretty good. Nothing special but definitely edible and the portion is right for me. There are also rice menus cause we know Indonesians can't skip a meal without eating rice. Mostly the menus are western such as pastas and steaks but there's also Asian delights. In addition to my salad, I ordered a dessert which name I couldn't remember and again, it wasn't impressive but still tastes okay. Price ranges around 25k to 75k, I guess.. I honestly doesn't remember anything about prices (I'm a terrible food blogger!) but I'm sure the price range is pocket-friendly for Bandung coffee lovers.

My sister actually ordered a cinnamon coffe latte and I thought it was a strange mix but it tastes better than my caffee latte...

I will recommend this place if you're curious (cause most of us do!) but I urge you just to order dessert and coffe/smoothies. Yes, I heard great words about their smoothies!

So sorry about being out of touch last week. It was a busy week with a friend's birthday, a farewell party, also preparing new collection for HeloStrangers! (find us on insta : @helostrangers)

Wishing all of you a marvelous week!

Two Cents
Jalan Cimanuk no. 2, Bandung
(022) 4261336
Twitter - @twocents_coffee
Insta - @twocents_coffee


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