Ultimo Bali Review

A super late review from my latest trip to Bali two months ago! Ultimo is an Italian restaurant which has great reviews either it be from online or from friends who has visited this place before. Appearently usually there's a long waiting list during dining hours but luckily, my friends and I went there around 5PM and there weren't any line but there were plenty of tables which have "RESERVED" signs. So I guess, better to book first before you go.

Ambience was good and I quite like the outdoor area. Indoor area feels crowded and confined somehow with minimal lightings. We went there on a perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors. Not too hot and definitely not chilly either. Most of the visitors are Caucasians and the place said to be a fine-dining (que : napkins on your lap, please) although the prices are actually pocket-friendly enough to me. Hence, I was slightly underdressed. I was wearing a lace tee with a floral skirt aaand flip-flops (pretty much the standard beach attire). Make sure to wear something fancy when you go here! Although service was great even tho we don't look the part. All of the staff were friendly and we got our food in about 15 minutes. Except for the lasagna which usually takes long time to cook anyway. Parking is quite difficult since the restaurant located right across the street. But there is a valet service provided so no worries if you drive your own car.

We all ordered pasta. We also agree to share on a pizza because we thought we just might try it while we're here! So I actually forget which one is whom. I guess mine is the first pasta... Either way, all of our dishes tastes good. Especially the lasgana! It was definitely worth the wait. Pastas ranges around 50 thousand rupiah and above. Steaks around 100 thousand rupiah. All in all, Ultimo is not a must visit for me, since I'm not actually a big fan of Italian food but it's a great option for you who wants to try fine-dining experience without breaking the bank. I will definitely come back here when I revisit Bali.

Jalan Laksamana 104, Oberoi
Seminyak, Bali
Booking and reservations : +62 361 738 720

Have a wondeful day, all!


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