Two Hands Full Bandung Review

Two Hands Full opened around the end of year of 2013 and still continue to be my go-to destination for a good coffee (it's super near to my house!). I do believe they use Arabica grind instead of the strong Robusta. I'm not a coffee savy person but I do appreciate a nice cup of coffee and I prefer them mild instead of strong because I want to stay awake during the day but still need my beauty sleep!

Their interior is industrial and although I'm not a big fan of it, the decor definitely has some sort of character. They use brick walls and lots of clean wooden tables with metal chairs. What I love most is the flowers on each desk. The flowers are not always there (I've been there quite several times) which what makes it even more special. Those petals gives this rugged ambience a dash of softness.

My favorite is their apple pie with vanilla ice cream. I also like their cappuccinno and their affogato is really good too for hot days. The chai latte is quite a favorite among non-coffee person. If I'm not mistaken they also serves tea. Only recently they started to add savory meals in their menu. I forgot the name of my order but it tastes "expensive" if you know what I mean. Although the pricing is still normal. Coffee starts from 25 thousand while food starts from 50 thousand. Not so bad, right?

I haven't visited THF for a while and now I'm craving for their apple pie.

Have a good midweek, all!

Two Hands Full
Jalan Sukajadi no. 206 (Hotel Edelwiss)
Bandung, Indonesia
Twitter : @thfcoffee

white shirt - Forever21, skorts - Cloth Inc. , flats - Rubi


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