Christmas Outfit Ideas 2023

Hello, hello.
I am indeed still alive. I apologize for neglecting this blog for so long (has it already been more than 2 months since I last posted anything?). But here I am back with Christmas Outfit Ideas 2023. This year, I am leaning more towards more preppy more elegant outfits. So this time for Christmas Outfit Ideas, there is no casual outfit. And I only have one outfit with pants. Like I said, this year Christmas Outfit Ideas 2023 is more elegant. Without further ado, here are five outfits I have been wearing to welcome the festive month.

First outfit is pretty simple. An all black outfit with a very festive green lady jacket. I do love this jacket. Not only because it’s green color, but also the gold buttons. I feel like you need to pair this jacket with simple outfits to let the jacket shine.

The bow ornaments on my shoes also deserve to be highlighted. It’s a fun, more mature way to add a bow in your outfit.

Second outfit is a white look. A little white dress goes a long way. Since I live in a tropical country, I can get away with not wearing any outerwear but I imagine any color of coat or jacket will do since white is a neutral color that goes well with everything.

The highlight of this outfit is of course, the bow headband. It slightly feels a bit too young for my 30 something age but it looks so cute I just went for it. In my opinion, it completes the look perfectly.

Third look is another lady jacket, but this time it’s in red. Can you blame me? Lady jacket is having such a surge this year that I found myself owning one in not only red and green, but also black, white, and even a light blue color. It is a very elegant jacket and it can look matronly but I don’t mind looking matronly every once in a while.

The highlight of this outfit is not only the red lip, but also the intricate collar of my blouse. It is kind of tricky to put on but it looks so classy that I don’t mind with how tricky it is to put on.
Also, the Santa earrings is a tiny little thing you can wear to feel festive without looking too much.

Fourth outfit is another red look but this time, hallelujah, it’s pants! I know people who absolutely refuses to wear skirts, dresses and prefer pants all the time so here is for you. 

The highlight of this outfit is of course the velvet blouse. I always find velvet looks luxurious because of the shine and it is surprisingly water resistant! I spilled some water and it didn’t even absorbed it so I just wiped it off and voila; like nothing ever happened.
I paired the velvet blouse with a wide legged pants for a more modern and relaxed look.

Last but surely not the last, it is my favorite look from all five Christmas outfit ideas 2023. This look is slightly more casual but a lot more preppy with the draped over red cardigan on my shoulder.

I love the blouse as well. It has ruffle details on the neck and shoulder which gives off a delicate feel to this outfit.

The highlight of this outfit other than the red cardigan, is also the red socks with my mary jane shoes. A very preppy footwear to complete this look.

Anyway, I hope this festive season brings not only joy, but also peace and blessings for the next year. 

I’m signing off now to spend the rest of the month with my loved ones. And if you don’t have anyone to celebrate with, you can always celebrate by yourself. Your favorite food and your favorite TV series or book should be enough. Afterall, Jesus is the reason for the season. Not gifts or endless dinner reservations.

Have a merry Christmas, everyone.


  1. Merry early Christmas, happy holiday for you and your family!! Your blog is lively and cute!! I have a blog too, but mine is too plain and boring😭 I wrote my last post a year ago. Something happened and... I just couldn't find motivation or inspiration to post anything to my blog or any other of my social media. And then.. I was browsing through google about christmas decorations in the country and I found your blog post about christmas decoration in Bandung (an old blog post). Although I don't celebrate christmas, I really like seeing christmas decorations at the malls.

    Now I wanna start blogging again... because of you, haha! I like how you explain things and you're pretty too. I like your cute style. Just browsing through your posts gives me many ideas to write and I suddenly remember things I wanted to write, like... a few years ago before covid, I just don't know where to start... I feel like my head is about to explode😣 You know that feeling when you have lots of things in your mind and you wanna tell / share it with someone and you just don't know where to begin.

    So.. again, I really enjoy reading your posts and I hope to read more ✌🏼 Happy Christmas!


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