It Color of The Season : Grey

Grey color trend fall

Hi, everyone.
I think it’s no secret that the it color of the season is grey. Everyone is sporting grey and you can expect all shades of grey. From the soft tone to a darker grey. They also comes in all sorts of fabric from knit to leather. But my fave is definitely the cardigan. So soft and cozy for this rainy and windy season.

Grey cardigan fall trend outfit

For a chic look, don an all grey outfit from head to toe.
Despite it’s color, this all grey look makes an impact.

Grey outfit idea

Grey pants work fall outfit

Just a few bits of grey also works really well.
To bring out the grey in my sweater vest, I paired it with grey pants and a grey bag.

Grey sweater vest outfit

Workwear grey outfit

Grey jacket outfit

Grey is basically a neutral but I find it shines the most when paired with black and white. Any silver accessories like my bag also works well with grey.

Grey jacket silver bag outfit

Grey jacket fall outfit silver bag


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