My Workout Schedule

I try my best to do 150 minutes of workout in a week. Which is the global standard for a healthy individual. I usually divide it into 5 of 30 minutes workout with 2 weight training and 3 cardio; either a bike session or using my treadmill. 

My workout schedule usually looks like this

Monday - full body strength training

Tuesday - stationary bike session

Wednesday - arm day

Thursday - rest day

Friday - leg day

Saturday - another bike session / treadmill

Sunday - rest day

Each session lasts for around 35 minutes with stretching at the beginning and then cooling down at the end of the workout. Those two are important so your body is not so sore after and also important to avoid workout injury.  

There are obviously days when I just don’t feel like working out, but a cute workout outfit helps a lot to boost your motivation for a work out session. I usually get my wholesale sportswear online! Much simpler and convenient.

I like the look of this set. I prefer shorts since I mostly workout indoors. But if you're working out in colder weather then long sleeves and longer pants might be a better fit.
Simple plain black that hide the sweat spots while the lacey back gives  it a bit more of sass. 

Cardio is a no brainer and great for your cardiovascular health. It is advised that you do at least two cardio session per week.

Strength training is also a must so your muscle will get stronger and hence will make your bone stronger which will beneficial in your older age. While cardio helps the weight down, strength training helps to sculpt your body. It can be frustrating sometimes when you don’t get the result you want after training hard, but you can easily use a butt lifter shapewear to get the ideal shape that most people like.

In general, workout is a must to stay healthy. A new cute sportswear can be a good motivation and a good shapewear is your bestfriend for those tight-fitting clothes.


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