Kedai Kopi Kisah Manis Bandung


Hi, everyone.
Today's post is from Kedai Kopi Kisah Manis Bandung. This one is located at Jalan Abdulrahman Sales, very near the Husein Sastranegara airport. They do have another location at Jalan Sunda but that one is a bit far so we decided to visit Kisah Manis at Husein Bandung.
Place is not big; but not too small either. I wouldn't bring a big group here. Maybe a max of six people? I do really love the overall vibe of the place. Very chill and the food and drinks we ordered are good too. Not to mention also affordable. Would def recommend to come but do go on a weekday since parking is terrible for cars. You need to parallel park on the front of the Kedai Kopi Kisah Manis Bandung.

I do like their interior design. I would say it's kind of a Japandi? Japan Scandinavian.
 Love the use of wood and their chosen green shade.

We went there around 2PM after lunch so we only ordered one snack and a drink each.

Bitter Ballen (Rp 27k) is good enough for the price. It is a little too salty for me but I still enjoyed it.

Husband ordered Rayu Manis (Rp 27k) and I would highly recommend it! It is a tad bit too sweet for me but it is better than my Matcha (Rp 28k). Not that the matcha is not good, it is good and I almost finished it. But, I would say the Rayu Manis tastes better.

Besides the inadequate parking, I would say this place is worth a visit. I think if you go on a weekday like I did, you should be able to park your car. Motorcycle parking is not bad tho.

Kedai Kopi Kisah Manis Bandung 

IG @kopikisahmanis

Jalan. Abdulrahman Saleh 56

WA 0895384639050

Below is their menu.


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