Matching Set for A Wedding Guest Outfit

Rocked this matching set outfit to a friend's wedding party last week. I know matching set is not exactly the most fashion forward considering this trend flamed down in 2015 but I still really like this outfit. I love the cool-tone colour of the flower, it feels very winter. My set has a shiny fabric with a pencil skirt so it exudes a slightly formal vibe, thus allowing it to be worn for a wedding. I can dress it down if I paired my top with a white culotte, for example, and it will be a nice weekend outfit. So much versatility in one outfit. Not to mention how slimming a matching set is.. Really, now I'm a bit confused why this thing is not trendy anymore.

But anyway, the wedding was lovely and I noticed the two beautiful bridesmaid wore a very simple dress. Usually bridesmaid dresses have lace implemented somewhere for a romantic look but this time, those two ladies only wore a sateen maxi dress with bright colour. It gives a clean, sophisticated, yet elegant feel to the dress. I do feel like it's a fresh take on a bridesmaid dress and quietly applaud the bride for such a smart choice. The dress look quite similar to this one from
As you can see, it has a beautiful mermaid silhouette. I think it will gorgeous for a bride too, you know, for an engagement shot, or something. For more gorgeous wedding dresses you can click here.

Wishing everyone a good midweek!


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