Last Minute Halloween Costume

Hi guys!
Put together four simple Halloween costumes for you who always do things until the very last minute. Halloween is officially one week away and these are closet costumes which you can find in your wardrobe or around your house or a simple DIY. Click read more for a checklist of what items you need for each costume :)

To be honest, I really like how this one turned out. I thought this would be my least favourite costume but as it turns out, I kind of like it! Maybe it's because of the slimming effect? But anyway, there are two DIYs that I did for this costume. 

First is the eye mask; I simply outlined my swimming goggles on a piece of thick paper then I cut it out and add a black ribbon on each sides to tie it around my head. The second DIY is the money bag; I used a dustbag of my bag (which I'm sure you own) and then drew a dollar sign on a piece of paper, coloured it green, and just double taped it to my dustbag. Despite having two DIYs, I think this one is the simplest costume out of all.

I did have all the DIY stuff around the house so this costume costs me zero dollar.

I seriously thought I will love this costume but looking at the pictures, not so much! However, this one is also quite simple considering I did zero DIY for this costume. I did bought the umbrella because all umbrellas I own are foldable unlike this very old school umbrella that she rocks. The umbrella costs $4, not bad right?  I did forget to tie my hair into a simple bun to achieve the whole Mary Poppins vibe and you can sing chim chim cheree while walking around to make sure people recognise your costume.

For Safari Girl costume, I had everything I need so this one also costs me zero dollar. Yes, I own a binocular not because I'm a creep but because I like to watch concerts way back when so I purchased this small binocular to see my favourite singers better. You can do a castaway version; just put some dirt on your dress + face + the rest of your body. Oh, and ditch the scarf. Anyway, this one is not a bad costume, I think! 

My favourite costume! So simple and can be easily turned into a creepy costume just with a smudge of fake blood (maybe tomato sauce? or red paint?) here and there. Obviously, I did a cleaner version but my face mask add that little mystery. There are also two DIYs for this costume. First is the nurse hat; click play on the video below for instruction. Second is the red cross badge on my dress. I don't think you need any instruction. Just draw a cross on a paper, coloured it red, cut it, and then double taped it to your dress.

And that's the end of this post.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


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