Vacation Outfit : Pink for Sakura

So I have this quirk to match myself with the background. Once I knew we were going to see cherry blossoms a.k.a sakura the next day, I instantly brought out all my favorite pinkies!
A few extra pics without Sakura just to show how beautiful Tokyo is...

About to do some tweaks here and there in the blog so apologies if you stopped by and all things were out of order! 

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Wishing everyone a very pink and lovely Tuesday :)

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rose earrings and necklace - c/o, white chiffon shirt with pink lining, oversized pink blazer, and white stockings - Forever21, polkadot jeans flare skirt - Topshop, flats - Marie Claire, pink-ish square bag - Mango


  1. Nice outfit dear,

    I adore your blazer..
    Kisses from Indonesia

  2. Beautiful look! <3 I love the bag and the necklace also is cute!

  3. Aw these photos are stunning, love your cute outfit as well! <3 xx

  4. you look so lovely Stevia!
    I love your blazer and skirt! :D

  5. kereeen:))
    suka dengan semua foto2nya:))

  6. ohmygoshhh, fotonya super awesomeeee ♥
    aku suka bgdddd., I hope and can see you're having a good time!!!!
    enjoy yaah darling! can't wait for your whole recap post!!!

    stay pretty dear ♥

  7. such a great trip cc! really love your sweet outfit :D have fun!

  8. lovely blazer! and you're looking pretty, as always! i enjoyed your pics! take care! :-)

    in a different place

  9. I love your blog, Stevia.
    Guess you have such a good time in Japan.
    Keep posting ^^


  10. These are beautiful photos Stevia. I love your polka dot skirt!

  11. i love your blazer.

  12. ohh i love your handbag, it's the perfect size! i always like my handbags a little bigger like that one. and pretty outfit too, i love that it matches the flowers in those photos.

    little henry lee

  13. LOVE your outfitttt ❤
    pink blazer and polkadot are toooo cute!
    aa love struck !

  14. you look stunning!
    you remind me of a japanese school girl, guess you had a great time there! loving the polkadot prints and all the pink going on!
    check out my latest portfolio "Metropolis" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

  15. Wah cocok banget sama backgroundnya! Asyik ya main2 ke Jepang! Love how you mix all the colours, btw ;) you look so adorable!

    check out my blog!

  16. That's a very sweet of you stev! I love the way you mix the lace stocking with the electric blue polkadot skirt! Really sweet <3
    Seems you enjoyed Japan so much ya! :)

    crunchy cheese me

  17. I just love the pretty colors in this outfit! The oversized blazer looks fantastic with your adorable dotted skirt.


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