Vacation Outfit : Black and White in The City

Hi, guys!
This video was shot in Ginza District of Japan :)
Really miss the cool and fresh air breeze of Japan spring :(
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video. It has been a while since I uploaded a vlog!

Curious about previous vlogs?
Simply click the left size button which had "Video Blog (Vlog)" written on it. I did some tweaks here and there to refresh my blog layout a little bit. My favourite part is definitely the "Read by Category" part which this blog did have a long time ago but I took it down because I wanted you to read all my posts.. Which now sounds ridiculous! LOL.

Somehow I cannot stay away from Simple Template. I used to love all the colorful theme of blogger but now.. not really. Hopefully someday I'll be able to purchase one of those gorgeous and clean layouts that is going around in this virtual world. But definitely not now..

Wishing everyone a more colorful day than this outfit has!

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