Vacation Diary : Kyoto, Nara, and Nagoya

Pictures above are the beauty of Kyomizu Temple in Kyoto. The cherry blossoms are so much pinker and prettier here! To get to Kyomizu Temple you have to climb through a street with plenty stores on your left and right. An alternative to buy souvenirs of Japan besides from Asakusa Temple.

While two pictures above are from Heian Shrine. Which located also in Kyoto. I personally think it's pretty much the same in term of architecture and all..

Nara Deer Park is the next stop! The older deer (with antlers) are more agrresive compare to the smaller  deers.. Bambino! You can buy the deer food (about 500 Japan yen) at the spot and the deers will immediatly swarm around you. It was scary. Well, maybe that's just me. They are afterall, friendly vegetarian creatures! Anyway, the place was smelly but definitely much cleaner than a year ago, my tour guide said. Be careful not to step on deer droppings!

After Nara Deer Park we stopped by for lunch in Nara. Then off for dinner and a little shopping of Japan local brands at Shin Sai Bashi Shopping district in Osaka (more on that on next post). Below are pics taken by IPhone so apologies for the low quality!

Our lunch that day. For the strangest reason, the meals of Japan are less.. tasty than Japanese food in Indonesia. All mostly tastes rather bland. I guess we're Indonesians just love our food with some kics of more spices! Although the rice is so much better in Japan!

Beautiful view right across form our restaurant. Rows of cherry blossoms! Too bad we didn't have time to cross that super duper long bridge to take pics around those pretty flowers..

Phew.. You survived until the end of the post! I guess I'm gonna take a break from Japan on the next post :) Worry not, I still have around 4 more posts of my Japan trip!

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  1. love your photos. I dream of going to Japan someday but in the mean time, these photos will do. Thanks for virtually taking us there. :)


  2. Aww I'm jealous! Japan is so beautiful, loving the pics!

  3. So beautiful! And so inspiring :)


  4. Och, wow, these pictures are so wonderful :)

  5. beautiful ♥ anw when i went there one of the deers bit my butt -__- and i screamed like hell lolol have a nice day! xo


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