Vacation Diary + Vacation Outfit : 2 Celcius Degrees

At the end of day three we headed to Lake Kawaguchi area and spend the night there. In the morning of day four, we all headed to Gotemba Factory Outlet to shop for branded items for a fraction of price (I bought a Coach sling bag from 59 thousand yuen to 19 thousand yuen!). Next stop was Mt. Fuji. We went all the way to 4th station which was 2020 meters above seacoast line and was greeted with 2 celcius degrees of weather. We can see our own breath!

After Mt. Fuji, we traveled down to Lake Kawaguchi. Lake Kawaguchi gets its water from the melted ice of Mt. Fuji! Plus, you get to see the perfect view of Mt. Fuji from down here! Too many clouds up there at 4th station..

As soon as we finished soaking up the sun and get rid of the chills inside our bones, we then went to the nearest subway station to try Shinkansen train which is Japan's fastest bullet train!

Thank you for reading and have a fun weekend, all!

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beanie - c/o Romwe, red shirt with studded collar - BTC, oversized black pullover with flower patches - The Editor's Market, jeans - Gaudi, polkadot socks - H&M, black loafers - Bellagio


  1. looks like you're having lots of fun :D anw how lucky you've got to see the mt fuji soo clearly, when i went there i could see nothing but clouds haha
    have a nice day! xo

  2. Wow this place looks amazing! Sounds like you're having fun. I love your jumper with the roses on it as well.

  3. it must be a fun vacation! you looks so cute as always Stev! (:


  4. You look adorable in this outfit! Love the sweatshirt so much! xx

  5. aaa awesome pics.
    I really like your outfit.
    I hope you're having a great time, dear.
    stay pretty :)

  6. cuteeee sweater!

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    check out my new post for more information ! ❤

  7. i really adore the rose details on the sweater, so cute & pretty! ♥



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