Shibuya Sky


Hi, everyone.
I went to Japan about two months ago and I did posted all the vlogs on my youtube channel but I'd thought I would also posted some pics here on my (slightly) neglected blog.

We went to Shibuya Sky on our first full day in Tokyo and it was pretty crowded and incredibly windy I was shivering in my three layers outfit. As the place says, Shibuya Sky is located in Shibuya and you need to buy your Shibuya Sky tickets in advance. We bought the tickets about a week prior our visit via Klook app and booked the sunset slots which was 5.20 PM. And you need to be there at the exact time.

There was quite a line when we got to Shibuya Sky at 5 PM but by 5.15 we were able to ride the elevator without any queue. You were not allowed to bring anything. No bags, no hats, no scarfs, no selfie stick. Perhaps because it can be quite windy and hats and scarves will be easily blown away. While selfie stick is just a hazard to your surrounding I guess. You can accidentally knocked people heads with a selfie stick.

Shibuya Sky do provided a locker for you and it is free but you need 500 yen coin to lock it. You will get your 500 yen back when you open your locker. 

Shibuya Sky is basically an outdoor observation deck.
Would def recommend to come during sunset time so you can enjoy the beautiful sunset sky AND the city lights not long after that. I would say about 30 mins before sunset time is enough. We didn't spend too much time up there since it was very very windy and I was feeling lightheaded after a while so perhaps we spent about an hour total.

I think if it wasn't for the crazy piercingly cold wind, we would've have the best time.
Overall not sure if I should recommend tho. It's pretty much like any other observation deck but outdoor. It gets the hype from the escalator which were always crowded when we got there so I didn't get a good pic. If you've never been to any observation deck in Tokyo, then perhaps you can consider Shibuya Sky.


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