Colors Other Than Red to Wear this Lunar New Year

colors to wear on chinese new year lunar new year

Hi, everyone.
Lunar New Year or as I usually call it since I am a Chinese Indonesian, Chinese New Year is fast approaching. While it is traditional to wear red, some people just not a fan of the bold color and other people feel like they just don't look good in red, therefore in this post I listed colors other than red to wear this Chinese New Year.

Yellow is a great color to wear for Chinese New Year since it is very similar to gold color and we all associate gold with wealth and money. Back in the days, yellow symbolizes royalty and is reserved for the emperor. I also find yellow to brightens your whole face so that is a plus.

If you are a fan of pastel and soft colors, pink is a beautiful alternative to red. This color is associated with youth and cherry blossoms, which is the first flower to bloom after winter. 
Pairing it with white will give a pure and fresh vibe to your look.

I know you want to wear black, we all do. But wearing black on Lunar New Year is a big no no since black is a color associated with grief and death. For the new year, you might want to opt for navy instead. Navy color still gives that chic and slimming effect without causing unwarranted 'why you wear black on CNY' comment from the aunties.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this opportunity to reconnect with your big family. 
And Gong Xi Gong Xi.


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