Casa Le Savoye KBP


Hi, everyone.
Visited Casa Le Savoye KBP Bandung a few days ago. Casa Le Savoye is located at Kota Baru Parahyangan so it’s not exactly in Bandung. Nonetheless, it was about 45 mins from my place with the weekend traffic. Without the weekend traffic, it will probably be around 30 mins to get to Casa Le Savoye KBP.

Place is recently opened, about three months ago, so I decided to book ahead. There is a down payment needed. It was 200 thousand rupiah for 2 person which I think is high for a down payment. Usually down payment is around 100 thousand rupiah for 2 person. I reserved the spot for lunch (12.00 to 15.00 PM) a day before.

First impression, place looks nice enough but nothing nowhere fancy to require a Rp200k down payment. Place was quite packed since it was a Saturday and lunch time. We got to our seat right away. When we get there, there were a few empty tables and I guess if you’re a small party of four or less, there really is no need to book ahead.

I ordered Truffle Fettucine (Rp 95k). It was originally salmon, but I don’t like salmon so I ask to switch the meat to chicken. It was actually delish! The creamy sauce does have strong truffle scent, which I love, and the corn and peas matches perfectly with the sauce. The chicken was also well seasoned. For the price, I think it’s not bad at all. Portion is also an ideal size for me. Not too small but not too much.

Husband ordered Nasi Bakar Kemangi (Rp 52k) and he approves. He said it’s really tasty & flavorsome considering the chef supposedly a French. His chicken was a bit dry but taste was on point.

I ordered Butterscotch Latte (Rp 36k) and this one is also delicious. I personally loove butterscotch and the coffee pairs perfectly with it. The coffee was neither overpowering but you can still taste the fragrant coffee taste.

Husband ordered Sunshine Boost (Rp 30k) which is sort of a cold pressed juice. It was very fresh and he loves it. For me, it was too sour. Especially after drinking my butterscotch latte.

Food & drinks come out fast enough even though the place was packed, which I do commend. Service was really good. Everyone was polite and swift on their feet. Even the parking guy were very kind. Parking is very good. Plenty of area to park which is ideal. Overall, would def recommend if you’re in the area.

Casa Le Savoye
Jl. Parahyangan Kav. 11 Blok C-2, Kota Baru Parahyangan, Cipeundeuy, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40553

Below is Casa Le Savoye menu.


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