Bilbao Brasserie Bandung

Hi, guys!
TGIF, right? If you're looking for a nice restaurant where you can have a pre-Valentine day dinner with your loved one, I present to you, Bilbao Brasserie located at Jalan Cimanuk no. 12, Bandung. It was a cafe called Hartwood but they revamp it (I'm not sure if it still has the same owner) to Bilbao. I do love the ambience and the lovely interior design (no industrial theme here, thanks God). Service was okay, nothing special. Price wise, if you don't order their famous Raclette cheese steak, your wallet should be just fine (complete menu and prices at the end of this post). I will definitely come back although not for their steak.

Love this part of the restaurant unfortunately this is a smoking area. And I heard it gets pretty hot out here during the day.

We sat at the non-smoking area so my lungs were happy! For our smoke-free dinner we ordered their Bilbao Raclette (138k) which is steak with cheese basically. We also ordered Chicken Spaghetti Aglio E Olio (51k). FYI, you can also ordered any other steak and add raclette cheese for 65k. I do believe it's cheaper with our Bilbao Raclette choice since we got less grams of meat.
I had this type of cheese steak in Jakarta before and I do feel like the ones in Jakarta tastes better. The meat was more tender there and the cheese was not as salty as Bilbao's. I don't hate it tho since I do love cheese but I won't repeat my order. The chicken aglio e olio was so so, nothing special there. It doesn't tastes awesome but it wasn't bad either.

Make sure you get this shot if you order anything with raclette cheese :)
Overall, I will definitely recommend this place since it has that semi fine-dining vibe yet not too fancy smanchy. Group friendly for sure, lots of tables around. Nice air conditioned room. They also have a good range of selections for food and drinks.

Bilbao Brasserie
Jl. Cimanuk no. 12, Citrus, Bandung Wetan
Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat
(next to Pocci, used to be Hartwood)
Phone +62224240655
IG @bilbao_brasserie

Below is their complete menu


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