Outdoor Wedding?

Hello, everyone!

This pretty floral number is what I wore a few weeks back to attend a uni' friend wedding. It was a garden party and I do like the idea (and the fact I get to wear a less formal dress) but I just don't understand why people like outdoor wedding so much? The last three weddings I attended were all garden parties. Is there a trend here? I mean, there's nothing practical about the heavy rain pouring down on you and your guests, not to mention mosquitos, and the worst of all, your heels digging into the soil. 

Of course I took a precaution and wore a block heels and yes, I wore this particular heels to all those three weddings. While I did feel bad about my heels who had to suffered, but my heart really goes to the bride's shoes. I mean, wedding shoes is a vital part of the bride since you will wear it all day.
So I highly recommend an indoor wedding. Also, you can check www.beformal.com.au for high quality romantic wedding shoes Australia online. This one for example; I do like the ankle strap idea, and obviously, a platform is a must to make you look taller and feel more confident. The dainty lace detailing is for sure will add that romantic touch. 

For the strangest reason, the people from styledress.co.nz will not allow me access to their website which I don't know why.. (the shoe photo is emailed to me) Maybe because I don't live in Australia? So if you do have any trouble visiting the website just email service@beformal.com.au for help since I can't really do anything.

 Elegant PU Peep Toe Ankle Strap High Heel Shoes & Wedding Shoes

Anyway, wishing everyone a great weekend!


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