Get Active

Hey guys I'm back from my Singapore trip with another sponsored post. My Singapore diary will be up, hopefully, on Wednesday. But for now, this post is all about Inflatable Zone. I have never been much of an outdoor person, mainly because I love reading just a little too much. However, looking at this uber cool zorbing ball, I have wished this kind of thing existed when I was a kid because I really want to try this out. It says that zorb ball; which is also called globe-riding, is the recreational or sport of roling downhill inside an orb. That sounds dizzying but imagine the adrenaline rush you'll get! I imagine we'll look like a human hamster inside of a ball.

Another thing that I will most definitely get if I have my own house with a pool, is this cheery inflatable castle. They have a castle shape but I like this one better because it screams summer with the palm trees detail. I think it will be a great addition for your child/nephew/niece summer birthday party. I bet the kids are going to be all over this.

Last but surely not the least, a Knockerball will be the perfect ice breakers for any kind of outdoor event. It says that knockerball sees team players encased in a zorb-like inflatable bubbles and then bounce into each other as they fight for possession of the ball (I'm sure they mean a soccer ball here). Talk about getting physical! Although you will be totally safe inside the ball. The thrill you'll get from bouncing into each other will make any situation lighter. 

All three items surely will get everyone a good sweat and be active even in the heat of summer. Well that's the end of this sponsored post. Now off to editing photos of my Singapore trip.

I hope everybody is having a great Monday.


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