Vermont Restaurant Bandung

Visited Vermont located at Jalan Karangsari no. 10 (right next to Jubilare/Swarga) yesterday. There weren't any sign on the street so I actually missed the place and had to turn around. But that's probably because this place only opened a mere week before, so that's totally understandable.
My first impression was "wow this place is fancy" and I love fancy places because it'll give me excuse to dress up and don't I love getting dressed up. Haha. I just thank the Lord upstair that this one is not another coffee shop. I mean, I'd live out of coffee and brunches, but really, Bandung has too many hipster coffee shops with those achingly similar industrial interior. 

The Gatsby-ish interior design is divine (well, at least for me) and that high ceiling with big windows is everything. Natural lighting is really the key to creating beautiful photos and big windows allow that to happen. The simple, kind-of-medieval-england, chandeliers are also a very warm welcome instead of those hanging bulbs with exposed wires (so hipster, right?) chaneling bright lighting through out the entire space evenly (unlike Melbourne Kitchen; really, MK? get brighter lamps please). The tiles and the stained glass are the winner tho.

They have Love tiles, Dreams tiles, and I can't remember the other one. But the smoking area is pretty dark and kind of creepy for me...

 Spaghetti Olio with Crispy Escargot (50k)

 Beef Ribs with potato rosti (75k)

 Hot Claypot Rice with Foie Gras (75k)

Vermont Burger (55k) 

 Tagliatelle (switched the pasta to spaghetti) with Bacon and Mushroom (65k)

Iced Peach Tea (17k)

The most talk about on the menu is definitely the Salmon Crouton (88k) altho I don't like salmon, I would definitely suggest you to order that. All of our foods are good and yummy. Service was decent considering it's their first week. Food come out on an average time, not fast, not long. Not one complain about anything except for when the waitress asked us to move our cars out of nowhere.. Just because someone "related" to the owner wants to park their Lamborgini cars near the entrance. I mean, are you serious? We came first! But anyway, since we are all in such a good mood and basically nice people, we let the valet service move our cars next door to Swarga.

Vermont Restaurant
Jalan Karangsari no. 10
(022) 8202-1071
IG : @vermont_restaurant
Open from 8AM


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