Fall/Winter Floral

Here in Indonesia we don't exactly have a fall or winter season. We only have sunny with no rain.. Or rain with some sunny weather. The background is actually super green but thanks to Adobe, I edited the colors and make the whole atmosphere of these set of pics more fall/winter worthy.

FrontRow Shop was so kind to send me this gorgeous digital floral printed skirt. The print can easily transitions into winter thanks to the grey, black, and white colors. I have a strange affair with fall/winter florals. I think they have such an old-school romantic impression!

I love the modest length of this skirt. I usually wear everything above the knees but this time, it hits just a little bit below the knees. Giving this skirt a more formal/office atire vibe. I chose a bunny shaped cocktail ring for a dash of whimsy. And I make sure my shoes option is fun and youthful instead of the usual pointy pumps to compensate with such mature top and skirt. It's all in the balance.

Wishing all of you a nice midweek! I am going to Jakarta tomorrow for a medical check-up and I always super nervous everytime I visit any doctors, so please send me your positive prayers :)

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