Pentax Q10 Test Shots

A few days ago I bought a Pentax Q10. My reason buying this tiny little camera is definitely for its compactibiliy. It's so much smaller and less intimidating than my usual DSLR. The camera is definitely can not substitute my beloved Nikon D5000 (been using it for almost four years now) but I lack of compact camera when I'm not in the mood of bringing something so heavy like my Nikon. 

As you can see the images above were heavily edited (found the tutorial HERE to create a darker image for your pics) but the sharpness of the original pics were fine. I uploaded the original pic below..

My favorite part about this Pentax besides how small it is, it's the bokeh control dial. It creates a dreamy photo without trying altho with a rather too much bokeh but that's what makes it so dreamy. Pic below..

Even though it doesn't have that much depth of field when I tune it to AV (it has only F2.8 unlike my F1.8 Nikon) that is my preference when taking pics, it's a decent camera for when taking photos with your DSLR is just not a viable option (ex. when attending a wedding, a group hangout with people you barely know, a field trip with school, etc.). This Pentax has plenty of filters and it can record video as well and since it has a lens, you can actually manually change the focus while recording which I think it's important when shooting any kind of video. 

I had a higher expectation from this camera obviously. But I guess once I found the right lens (yes, it's an interchangeable camera) it can be a loveable camera. Looking forward to take this new precious one for an adventure!

Have a happy midweek, dearest...

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