Hello, hello. How is everyone in blogsphere?
If you have been reading my blog before three months ago, you'll realized that my style has changed a little bit. As well as the header and a tweak here and there in the layout. To be honest, my style hasn't really change. When I'm not trotting around in vintage and thrifted gems, several posts before is my usual get up.

As much as I love dressing up like I just stepped out of a time machine, I truly believe change is good. I grew up. And I believe as the insides grew, the outside must reflects the same. I know this change might not please some people since appearently I become notorious with my vintage style (in my defense, I wasn't really THAT vintage). I also know I will dissapoint some people who followed my journey because of their love of vintage and thus find a red thread in that. I want to say I'm sorry but not really. As I said before, I believe change is good.

Do believe me when I say that I don't change the content of this blog because of some external force. The main reason is really from my heart. I just feel like my posts might gives fault impression that I'm some kind of old-school-romantic soul (I truly hope I am! and might be just a little bit) when actually I'm more of a in-your-face-honest and sometimes-silly with a-lot-of-seriousness mix in this short physique. 

And I also know that I have grown since the first time I started this blog. I'm no longer broody and I definitely no longer listening to dark emo songs anymore. Now I'm more of Top 40 songs. Which doesn't really make you think about what good are you doing in this world. I know I must take things step by step now. And if that make me shallow, let it be. All I know is I'm so much happier. I feel strong with more confidence that you can only get with age. 

Staying true to yourself is one of the most important thing in blogging. It's how the reader connects with you. I'm not saying that vintage wasn't my real style. It was. And I know it still is, somewhere special in my heart. I believe I will revisit my glory days of vintage styling in the near future. And although it might not be in every post, I'll make sure it will be a good one.

When things are good, people hope for the state to remain the same. Why not? Things are good, right? But when people stay the same, it's when you start to die. When you stop growing, stop changing, stop taking risks, that is a dangerous time. Because that is the time when you stop living. My hope is for all of us to stay being kind in this ever-changing life.

This little happy corner of mine will continue be updated with my strange musings, my love of fashion, my obsession with coffee as well as nice food, and last but not the least with my life adventures. I know I haven't been a very outspoken writer about my life lately. Things are going good and I make sure I'll update you with the major events. Thank you for staying with The Sweetest Escape for all this time. I appreciate every single comment and will try my very best to get back to you.

Wishing all of you a very happy weekend.

P.S. Pics were taken at Chinese Garden, Jurong, Singapore

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red bow hairclip - Forever21, mirrored sunnies - Zara, houndstooth top - from Bangkok, red skirt - Lollie Story, watch - Guess, bag - Mango, earrings and braceletes - c/o Laku.com, bow flip flops - Rubi


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