dress - thrifted, belt - vintage from Mom, bag - Hubsch, sequined flats - Little Things She Need, rose gold watch - Guess

I wore this dress three times already (here, here, and here) in this blog and I have no regrets. I enjoy recycling outfits. It's all the matter of adding an outer or switch the accesories. We are not superstars and we will not be rewarded if we wear different outfit every single day. So take a look at your closet and be creative.

Apologies for such a pale face. I haven't been feeling particularly well. 
I hope all of you are having a healthier week!

PS. New header and slight changes in the right side bar. I feel fresh and clean but still keeping my true vintage self. What do you think? Comments away!

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  1. nice dress,shoes,and bag! love ur outfit so much!
    follow me pls:) i've followed ur blog


  2. some people said that wearing glasses will make someone look smart. and it work for you. you look smart and pretty!

    new layout? look clean, but I'm pretty much love the last one. It looks more colorful and vintage.
    Or if you allow me to, I could make one template for your blog. You can just consider it as a blogmate present. just contact me if you want to. (;


  3. benerrr bgt we are not superstars yg bajunya beda" terus but we can be dressing like superstar lol :)

    love your look darlingg

  4. i just love your glasses.

  5. Those are wise words! I enjoy using my items over and over again as well, and I think a part of the "callenge" and the fun is to make a piece work in several combinations :) I like this blue dress paired with red details, very classic and cute :)


  6. I recycle outfits too. Hope you are all well.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. so pretty classic girly you looks :)
    love it

  8. thank you for your lovely comment :-)

    love ur dresses <3

  9. you look so cute and pretty!! amazing dress and bag!! love the color of your flats!!

  10. I think wearing same dress/tops several times is ok, we don't have to wear new things always, right?

    love your new header! yes, it looks super lovely and vintage ;)

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  11. Love this dress <3 I repeat outfits too, I believe it doesn't matter if you style it differentyl every time :). You look super cute!

    Sabrilett's Armoire

  12. omg this is a cute casual look from you stev :) i love the match color :)

  13. you are very pretty! i love how simple and casual that blue dress is, yet so elegant at the same time! and even more cute paired with those glasses <3 :-)

    inspiration from the little things

  14. i love your smile in the first photo :) sweet

    i think it's okey when we use the same clothes again and again, you can make it different with the different accessories :)

  15. love your bag and dress! :D
    i somehow agree with your statement, but sometimes the urge of shopping can't be stopped.. ;A; huhu..

    get well soon dear! :)


  16. I think that you look super cute here! What a pretty dress. I love a dress you can wear again and again!

  17. I love recycling outfits. That's what you do in real life, why shouldn't you blog about it too. I rarely wear something just once, it would be a waste of money and natural resources. Anyway, I absolutely love the colours of the outfit, especially the sequined ballerinas! I'd love me a pair of ruby slippers ;)


  18. Cute flats!!! :)

  19. lovely dress <3 love the way you pair it with that belt xxxx

  20. You don't look pale seriously. And i love the dress on you, plus the little flower detail on the neckline. <3

    Anyway, glad to back! haha



  21. What a coincidence, I was just about to write something about buying less & mixing more, which means several times of same outfit haha If I was that dress, I'd feel nothing else than being lucky, Stev.

  22. your blog and today's oufit are absolutely enchating!:D thanks for the inspiration of the day!

    beholder's inn

  23. I do like blue-brown combination! + You have fantastic bag, I envy You :D


  24. cute dress, i like your bag :)


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