Two Different Tears

There are two kind of tears. Tears of joy. And tears of pain. Either way, crying is an effective way to express yourself and a way to feel better! I cry rather often because of moving scenes in movies! (embarrassed but slightly proud, I'm sensitive, y'all!)

Anyway, Wonder Girls has a song about this. And it's soooo good. I can't stop dancing to it.

I was featured in GoGirl January 2011 issue. (Sorry, it's so last month, but I just remember about it now) I submitted an article like, a year ago, and I totally forgot about it.  My friend tweeted about it and I was planning to NOT buy January edition of GoGirl. But as soon as I knew, I went to the nearest bookstore and bought one. Such a dork, I know.

Last friday, I went to a photography workshop at my friend's (and by friend, I mean, ex-boyfriend; we stay friends)  university. Funny thing was, my friend's ex-girlfriend was one of the committee. It was just funny I couldn't help to smile when I realized she was the committe (when I got to the workshop!). Ah. Life. 

Anyway, the workshop was . . .  informational. Not quite educational. There were actually about 30 people there so it was difficult to ask questions and I was intimidated by all the professional photographers! (they all look like they know what they were doing, unlike silly akward me!)

I got a certificate and made some new friends. So I guess it wasn't so bad (since I have nothing to do at home). These are two photos that I think the best (I took about 100 pictures. So I have a 2% successful rate. Sad. Truly sad)

My autofocus suddenly won't work and I discovered a whole new word of manual focus. The truth is, I have never use manual focus with my camera before and I had to ask a junior to teach me how to use it. I'm so ashamed. Oh, I'm not patient enough to stick with manual focus. But my autofocus still not working. What to do? 

My puppy celebrated his 1st birthday last Friday. Is he still a puppy if he's 1 year old? It's like a teenager in dog year, right?


  1. happy birthday to your puppy and it's great that you and your ex are still friends! :) pretty dress too!


  2. cute outfit, and congrats to being featured in a magazine, that is awesome!

  3. Ooh, and article in a magazine is super cool! And I wouldn't worry about your photography; I bet the professionals think they only have a 2% success rate too!

  4. those flats are sooo cute and congrats on the article - that's so exciting!!

  5. hi..thx for comment me!
    u hv a nice blog n style =)
    btw i've followed u, mind to follow back?

  6. omg congrats on the feature that's amazing! happy bday to your doggy too :) xx

  7. thats so cool your article got published! and your pics look great, i hate dealing with manual focus!
    oh and to answer your question, i use a canon eos rebel xs with a 50mm/1.8 prime lens :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  8. I love this outfit on you! You look so cute :)


  9. I LOVE your red flats!! Kisses xoxo

  10. congrats for the featured stevia!

    im also not so efficient to use manual focus.but i think its quite ok on your pics:)

    and happy birthday cute puppy!!!

  11. cute dog, cute outfit. I really love the color of your denim jacket. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

  12. Congrats on the feature! I´ve been searching for a lovely denim jacket like yours, love the color. :)

  13. Love your dress and the red flats. =) congrats for the feature at gogirl.

  14. that's so awesome on the magazine feature! how cool.

  15. hey, thanks for droppin comment in my blog (: anyway I love your name! I was planned that I will have a baby names 'Stevia' :D
    lovely blog, i love it! so you wrote the article?? nice one! I keep trying to write something to Gogirl...

    have a great day, stev!


  16. I love your blog, if you want we can be followers

  17. The last picture with the cat is so cute! :)


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