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Hey, guys. I feel a new post is incrementally necessary.It has been forever since I posted.
Quick catch up : 1) I finished my thesis and passed my thesis defense. I'll be graduating soon. 2) Happy New Year and Chinese Year. Year of the rabbit! 3) New layout and new haircut!

Since Valentine Day is coming up I thought I would do a couple pink outfit shots with different themes. 
Here it is!

1. A Night Out in Town
It looks orange somehow. But it's actually hot pink! I always thought of a flowy top and your trusty black skinny jeans for a night out somehow. Anyway, it's perfect for a night out with your boyfriend or girlfriends. Just wandering around from mall to mall.

2. A Family Outing
This is the perfect pink. I never thought there will be a perfect pink color. But there it is, ready to just be worn by me every week. In my mind, when going out with your family, I always want to look relaxed but also put together. The top kinda look like a t-shirt but the sleeves are chiffon and the detailed around the shoulder is perfection.I got the super big flower ring from a friend. It matches with my heels! Accessories is a great way to make a nice flow on your look.

3. Cute First Date
Whenever I go on a first date, I always want to wear a skirt. Mostly because I rarely wear a skirt so I want to know that he's worth the trouble. Also, I rarely use heels on a first date. You'll be nervous enough and you don't need to stressed about the possibility of falling! (I stumble all the time. So maybe you'll feel more confident in heels, just go for it!). I got this cutest hair clip from my dear friend. It's so cute I can't stop wearing it. Yes, I do wear them everyday. It's perfect to add just enough of that cuteness!

4. Quality Time With Your Sister
My sister and I are partner in crime when it comes to shopping. Okay, fine. I'm the one who do the shopping, but she totally helps! So I thought it would be fun to spend a V-day with your sister and just shopping and gossiping and drink coffee and snacking after all the walking. It's a little Blair-esque with the vintage top and the bow headband and the mary-jane shoes. Well, I do love Miss B!

5. Amusement Park Date
Okay. I supposed we should switch the wedges with a converse. But I don't own any. How sad, I know. I have one. But it's purple and it looks rather strange. I looooove amusement park. Although I can't go on many rides (out of fear) I just love going there and go on carousel or ferris wheel or just eating ice cream in the middle of the heat. A crossover bag and shorts are essential when going to amusement park. You wouldn't want to be so busy while holding your ice tea and your hotdog while walking!

Do tell me how your V-day went. 
Have a romantic one!

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