Level Six Cafe & Bar Bandung

Hi, everyone. 
Today' post is from Level Six Cafe & Bar located at Jalan Kopo Bandung, to be precise, it is located at sixth floor of Lenora Hotel. Hence, the name of this place : Level Six Cafe & Bar Bandung. We went there on a weekday around 2 PM and the place was relatively empty. Parking is not that spacious tho; considering this is a hotel. 

The place is very pink and if you like pink cafes, than this place is for you. 
Instagramable corner at every turn. 
Since the cafe is located at sixth floor, it does have beautiful view and I would guess the view will be even more beautiful at night.

Husband ordered Kwetiaw Goreng Saus Telur Asin. (Rp 35k) and it tastes okay. Comparable with the price.

Iced Peach Tea .

I ordered Original Buttermilk Pancake (Rp 25k) and this one is not bad either. 

Smoothie Orange (Rp 30k)

Overall, it is not a bad place to visit if you want to have some drinks considering they do sell alcoholic drink. Do bring a jacket as it can get quite windy there. For weekend, it is probably best to book first and carpool together since parking is small. 

Below is the complete menu of Level Six Cafe & Bar Bandung.


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