White Outfits for Christmas

Hi, everyone.
Since it is now December, I want to share with you two white outfits for this Christmas. I always like white dresscode for Christmas since it makes you look fresh and clean despite the fact that I only get 5 hours of sleep prior to taking these pics. 

While I do love a good dress, but a white blouse and pants also looks nice for a Christmas get together. Especially if it's a work thing or you just need to run around that day. This top and pants combo is an outfit that anyone from any age can wear.

I prefer a lace detailing on my blouse to add a bit of feminine elegance. I also looove sparkly big earrings as a statement piece to elevate your look.

If you want to go all out and the event calls for cocktail dress code, a white lace dress can be your option. For this dress, I love the modest length, sleeve, but especially the bodice detailing. A white lace dress outfit will sure makes you the star of the get together this Christmas.

Anyway, I apologize for the low quality. I did bring my camera but the place was too crowded (despite a lunch time for weekday) for a half an hour photoshoot. So I make do with a quick pics with my phone.

Do you have exciting plans this Christmas?


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