Knitted Polo Trend

Hi, everyone.
Today I want to talk about a micro trend that emerged last spring and is definitely coming back this spring; knitted polo trend. Basically it's a knit top with a polo style in lightweight knits and sometimes featuring buttons.
When it first appears last year, it was really teenie tiny and very fitted to body. I'm not a fan of anything that is too fitted. I like my outfit to fit well but not clinging to my body; so I skipped this trend. However, this year local brands seem to deliver and they re-invent this knitted polo trend with a slightly boxier fit. Hallelujah.

I truly do like the prim, preppy, and retro vibe this knitted polo trend brings to your outfit. It is also incredibly versatile. It's comfy enough to lounge around at home and yet the collar looks polished enough for an impromptu Zoom meeting.

As for the long sleeve version, it is basically a sweater with a collar and it's not any less chic! If your area is still cold this one is a fun option than your usual sweatshirt set. This style is both fresh and modern without being too trendy so you won't have to worry about your purchase looking dated in the next few seasons. 

As for me, for now I definitely prefer the shorter version since it has been so hot lately here in my tropical country. 
What do you think about this micro trend? 
Is a knitted polo be something that you'll wear?


  1. I own knitted pieces but I don't use them as much because the weather here in Manila is just super hot! Anyway, I love the yellow one but the first one is cute on you too.

    xoxo, rae



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