Daisy Patch DIY Ideas to Get Your Outfit Spring Ready

Hi, everyone.
Daisy embroidery or even just a daisy pattern always looks cute and it gives your outfit a very spring spirit. I find it hard to find daisy pattern or embroidered daisy piece that I love while also keeping it budget friendly; so I thought maybe I should just DIY it. Therefore without further ado, here are three daisy patch DIY ideas to get your outfit spring ready.

You will need the item that you'd want to decorate, daisy patches; obviously, 
and if you're not quite a savvy seamstress like me, a fabric glue. 

This is my first time using a fabric glue and I've only used it on the bag but so far so good. The embroidery still very much intact on my bag after one week. Mind you, I haven't really use the bag. It's just kinda sitting there in my room.

 I highly recommend you to not use an expensive bag. Mine is from Mango and I really don't mind to part with it if things were to go south. But luckily, all is well.

My bag is looking very spring and I personally love it!

Since I'm not ready to part with his dress, I only use double tape for to stick the patches. It's not great. And I'm pretty sure once I actually wear it, the patches will come off. BUT, I am happy to report that there is zero damage to my dress.

However, I do really love how it turns out! 
I would actually wear this out if I were finally ready to shake things up with this dress.

Last but surely not the least is to attach some patches to your favorite jeans. I really like how this one turns out. And you can do this with your denim skirt or a pair of jeans. Everything is coming up daisies, everyone!

Which one is your favorite? I personally really like the bag DIY. 
The purple really makes the daisy patches stands out in a good way.


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