Winter Blue

Feeling like an Elsa a few weeks ago in this winter blue long dress. You probably sick of hearing this, but I love love love lace. So it's no surprise that this dress has a little bit of lace included at the top ;)
The back details are also super cute with the little bow. The more reason I love this dress so much.

If you like this dress, you can browse around at to find similar dress. You can browse by style, color, and even by popular city! I checked out Toronto Prom Dresses and fell in love with a few of the dress choices. 

My favorite is definitely the left one. I love the uneven hem line and obviously, because of the gorgeous lace! The middle one is a runner up because of the beading. What can I say, I'm a girly girl and I love everything that shines. The mermaid number on the right has amazing back details so that one is a great option too :)

The prices range around $400. However, Toronto Prom Dresses is having a sale so hurry up and visit the website :)


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