Wardrobe Deviation

I have been having a craving for solid clothes instead of my usual uniform which usually almost always involves a floral print of some sort. You can call it, a wardrobe deviation. Since I don't own a lot of them, I have been buying said items. Black, white, grey, and navy have been on my mind for everytime I try to shop and when I try to dress up. I guess it's a way to a cooler chicher me? :)
Anyway, life update! I had a tooth cavity back in November and have been going to treatment for the past 3 months. Good news is, my porcelain crown will be ready this Friday. Yeay! No more going back and forth to the dentist every week. To be honest, I have never been so agile in brushing my teeth since I got the cavity. Silver lining in everything, right?
Well, wishing you a great midweek!


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